Buttergilt Farms-- The Cheesery

For 117 years and 5 generations, our family milked cows on our dairy farm in west central Wisconsin. The name, Buttergilt, actually means "coated with butter"... doesn't get much better than that!

All of our milk went to a creamery that produces cheese. For the Cheesery, we purchase from that creamery and source our favorite flavors to distribute to all of you across the United States.

In June of 2021, my parents made the tough decision to sell the dairy herd. This was a retirement decision for them. My parents and brother continue to farm the land and raise the young stock. My siblings and I are all committed to agriculture, but did not continue the dairy side of the farm. Seeing the cows leave was a very hard day for my entire family as we all worked together through many years with the cows.

We chose to continue The Cheesery, providing Wisconsin cheeses of the finest quality to our customers across the nation.

It's a way for us to stay connected to the dairy industry that we know and love. Thank you for your support of our small family business, which in turn supports a family-owned creamery who purchases milk from family-owned dairy farms across Wisconsin.

Photos From the Farm: